Travel Insurance – Explore Fearlessly!

Travelling not only enhances our body and mind, but it also helps in learning a lot about the planet that we call our home. Travelling is a hobby which never loses its appeal and people keep coming back for more, making it a lifestyle that people swear by. However, as amazing and appealing that it sounds like, travelling also comes with its own share of trials and tribulations. One cannot pack or plan enough for a trip, as something or the other might happen and dampen the zeal and excitement. Be it a medical emergency, or a case of missing luggage, reliable overseas travel insurance might be enough to put everything back in place. There are many international travel insurances which render as a saving grace in our time of need and exudes a feeling of safety and security while travelling. Let us go through some things to keep in mind before investing in travel insurance abroad.

  • Terminology: It is crucial to get acquainted with the primary languages about coverage and other clauses before actually investing in any medical insurance overseas. Going into it without proper knowledge might be risky.
  • Coverage: It is crucial for you to know what all areas are actually covered in the coverage plan. The last thing you want is an unprecedented surprise when you know a particular inconvenience is not covered.
  • Exclusions: Just like enquiring about the inclusion, one should also inquire about the prohibitions. Proper transparency should be maintained to avoid any discrepancy of information.
  • Compare: There are many overseas medical insurance plans available to one and comparing different plans enables one to know the current business trends, which allows him/her to choose the best fitted one.
  • Process: One should do comprehensive research on the claim filing process and reveal everything honestly- such as items bearing while travelling which will make the entire claim method hassle-free.

Overseas travel insurance is an essential thing to include in one’s travel plan as it is the only thing that will come to serve while in crisis. The value of a travel insurance plan should not be threatened, as one can truly enjoy the journey in a stress-free manner as one is supposed to, instead of fretting about everything. Travelling abroad comes with lots of unpredictability, and at times these things have the potential to change one’ life in a dangerous way. Being equipped for any such adventure is the least that one can do for a maximum enjoyable.


Senior Citizen Health Insurance – Boon For The Senior Of Your Family

Most of us are incredibly proud and thankful for what the elders in our family have done for us. And usually, there is no way we can ever fully repay them. However, at one point of their age, they do feel a little more vulnerable, and this is when we should step in and do the best for them and take care of their future. With old age comes many illnesses and being prepared is the need of the hour. Instead then leaving things to luck, as the torchbearers of tomorrow, the least we can do is invest in a good quality health insurance for senior citizens. This way, they feel more confident in their future and also, in case something terrible were to happen, you are covered financially.  Let us go through some things one should keep in mind while looking for a senior citizen health insurance.

  • Sense of Security: Senior citizen health insurance can determine to be a sense of security, especially when one is not around their beloved parents all the time, or if one stays away in a different place from their parents. This way, the insurance will come to aid when one is not around, and their parents fell sick.
  • Aid to Pre-Existing Disease: Most of the health insurances for senior citizens comes with coverage for pre-existing diseases, which lets one take advantage of regular check-ups and essential measures.
  • Enlisted hospitals: Chances are that when a crisis strikes, you will not want to drive all the way to the other edge of your city to go to your enlisted hospital. Delay of medical observation is a risk one should evade at all cost and should, in fact, opt for a hospital which is nearby and also has an excellent team of doctors.
  • Easy Claim: Since the elderly patients need to be in and out of the hospitals more often, an easy claim settlement with not much hassle is appreciated among the patients. No one wants to deal with illness appended by an additional dose of unprecedented trouble.

Our elders, be it our parents or grandparents, are precious to us, and funding for medical insurance for senior citizens can help us be better prepared for the unpredictabilities of tomorrow. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a senior citizen health insurance policy; however, it is crucial to know that you are selecting the best one. Religare steps up as one the best in the business when it comes to senior citizen health insurance plans, as it is one of the most accredited names in the insurance domain and is superior to the peers in the same services. With Religare on one’s side, one can stay stress-free in the information that their family is in competent hands.

Family Floater Health Insurance – Best Healthcare For People You Hold Precious

If you are the only earning member of your family the number of responsibilities on your shoulders would be immense with so many people to take care of. In today’s time when there is monetary inflation any medical emergency leading to getting hospitalised can land you in an enormous pool of deadly medical bills capable of having a negative impact on your bank balance. It is advised you protect yourself and your family altogether by investing in good family health insurance plans which can save the day when everything seems to fall apart.

A family floater health insurance is a customised tailor-made plan for the entire family offering many benefits. The sum insured can be accessed for need of every family member. If the total amount is claimed by one or two of your loved ones included in the policy who are insured under the plan, then the rest of the members will not be able to avail it. As the family floaters have options where you can get higher sum insured when compared to personal health plans, it is understandable that the coverage offered is also massive.

Let’s take a look below at the prominent features of a good family health insurance policy:

  • You can get your entire family covered as part of this plan, and there is only a single sum assured for the whole family. The policyholder depending on the disease risk appetite of the family can get higher or lower sum assured and the premium will be in accordance.
  • Any family member can make use of this plan and claim the amount up to the sum assured. This means that if you have four members in your family and all of them are part of the plan where you have a cover amount of 10 lakh, then each of them can claim the amount till the sum assured.
  • The covered members can obtain cashless hospitalisation if the policy provider is intimidated within 24 hours of the hospitalisation and admitted to the hospital which is a  part of the plan.
  • A floater plan usually covers the primary insured person, spouse along with kids. A few policies also allow extended family to be a part of the plan.

When compared with individual medical insurance policies a family floater plan appears to have more advantages and is most suited if you have old parents to look after. Unlike a personal plan, it covers the entire family and provides them with all the health benefits besides being available at a reasonable amount. Some leading insurers such as Apollo Munich, Religare Health Insurance, Reliance Health Insurance, Max Bupa, ICICI Lombard to name a few make the choice of selecting the best plan for the well being of your family an easy task. Ditch the thought of financial crisis and offer treatment of supreme quality to the people you hold close!

Save The Best For The Parents!

Our parents are some of the precious people on this planet who love us unconditionally and have taken care of us when we have been in a fix. However, as age takes over, somewhere along the line, the roles are switched and our parents, need that extra care and support that they have been providing us all our lives. Investing in a good health Insurance for parents is the least we can do to ensure their safety after them when they are old and vulnerable. Investing in a medical insurance for parents not only gives them the financial security in case of any medical emergency but also provides us with the peace of mind. Let us explore some of the things we need to keep a close eye on while choosing the mediclaim policy:

  • Smooth claim settlement: A stable, non-erroneous and claim settlement makes all the difference in the overall consumer experience that a person takes back home after treatment. After a long and tedious medical treatment, the last thing a patient needs is the hassle of a claim settlement.
  • Flexibility: A health insurance policy which allows a bit of flexibility when it comes to the cover, and the premium is genuinely appreciated. Since every family is different and their needs and requirements vary accordingly, a bit of fluidity is an intriguing prospect, and something that ends up being extremely efficient in the long run.
  • Prior medical condition: With age, several medical conditions can occur in a person. Be it diabetes, blood pressure or a heart condition, the possibilities are varied. So when a medical insurance plan for parents comes explicitly with the prospect of extending specialised health solutions and regular checkups according to different requirements, it comes as a huge relief.

Life is always changing, and one can never predict what will come their way, especially in the health department. Having a medical policy for parents helps one feel adapted and implemented for anything which may transpire. With decent health insurance, one can stay convinced that their parents will be in safe hands when a medical emergency comes in, and this offers a lot towards providing consolation in a problematic situation. Religare mediclaim solutions are one most attributed health insurance company which employs towards the well-being of the patients. It also makes the remuneration process a lot more comfortable and makes a health emergency a little bit easier.

Ensure That Your Child Meets No Barriers While Achieving Their Dream!

Securing a place in one of the top universities abroad after months of diligently working hard and developing a lot of patience can be a dream come true and taking another significant step towards building an impressive future. The last thing you would want to ruin this experience of a lifetime for you is something going wrong at the airport in the foreign land. Or imagine you falling sick in a foreign country away from your parents and loved ones with nobody by your side to take care of you and save you in time of distress emotionally and financially.

A student travel insurance can come in as a saviour at those times. Buying a good plan can prove to be as the smart choice and help keep the pocket of your parents at ease. Travel insurance for student is an optional choice in most countries, but countries like the UK and US have made it mandatory. When you are miles away from your homeland, a trustworthy student travel insurance plan can help you deal with emergency situations on your own. Apart from risk management and ensuring your safety, some other features of a good travel insurance policy for students are listed below:

  • Insurance of your personal commodities: Just in case you lose any essential personal belongings of yours suppose at the airport like a laptop or an expensive mobile phone or maybe your crucial documents like certificates and passport. This insurance plan will insure your personal commodities and provide you with a reimbursement in case the valuables are lost or stolen to save you from those panic attacks.
  • Medical bearings: To help you in situations of medical emergency it becomes a necessity to purchase travel insurance which also provides you with medical coverage all over the world. The extremely high medical costs can crush the spirits of anybody and ruin the financial planning which is why it becomes an essential purchase.
  • Personal liability: If you in anyway cause damage to somebody else or their property, the student travel insurance plan can cover you against such a situation by providing you with the financial aid. For example, if your rented accommodation gets affected because of any of your activities, you get the financial cover to pay off the bills.

If you are finally setting a foot forward to achieve your dream of studying abroad the Student travel insurance plan from Religare, provide you with good options. Just go through the features you think you are going to need more likely while you compare the different policies and settle on the best one which meets your needs and provide wings to your dreams.