The Process Of Childbirth Was Never This Easy!

The maternity treatment costs in the Indian market have skyrocketed and can cost anywhere between 50,000 to 5 Lakhs. A maternity health insurance plan includes a lot of features including covering the charges of delivery and other expenses that can arise for the mother and the newborn. It takes care of your starting responsibilities as a parent and ensures your family and loved ones do not have to bear the burden of providing for financial aid which can be a lot. It allows you to embrace parenthood with joy, excitement, love minus the worries.

Westernization has impacted the life choices of many Indian women who now put their career first and incline towards starting a family later in life. Earlier the average age of women entering motherhood was 26-27 years which has now made a gradual shift to 32-33 years. With delayed motherhood increases the chances of facing many complications during pregnancy. The responsibilities have no end during this time, and the least you would want to stress about is having no financial backup.

To save yourself from all such troubles it becomes necessary for women to consider maternity insurance plans to get the best maternity services without any financial tension. The many benefits of a good health insurance plan with maternity coverage are listed below. Read carefully to make a wise decision:

  • The policyholder is covered for expenses incurred before hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation in which the coverage takes care of the mother and infant post delivery.
  • It covers postnatal expenses which means the coverage takes care of the child’s doctor’s consultation fee and medication costs.
  • Delivery at the hospital becomes comfortable and hassle-free. The insured person can avail the modern facilities at a reasonable rate with the best maternity insurance plans. For different policies, the sum insured can differ.
  • Some insurance plans also include health coverage for the newborn which takes care of the care and expenses from the time of birth.
  • Few policies also cover the expense incurred because of the vaccination of the newborn, while some plans offer it only for a single year, there are others who provide up to 12 years vaccination coverage of the child.
  • You get complete maternity coverage with maternity insurance which covers ultrasound charges along with round the clock treatment charges during and soon after the pregnancy period.

You should also remember that with age the premium of maternity coverage increases. Thus the mother-to-be should get insured at the right time to save themselves from paying a higher premium and to get the maximum perks. Religare offers Health insurance plans with maternity care and newborn cover at an affordable premium. Their policy covers all emergency situations that can be experienced during pregnancy and delivery making the gestation period stress free for expectant mothers. Before making the purchase decision fully understand the scope of the policy and see to it that all your requirements are met.


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