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Health insurance is a contractual agreement between the provider and the insured under which the insurer agrees to pay for all medical costs incurred by insured in case of medical crises. The insurance company will reimburse the cost or will make sure that the policyholder is getting the cashless operation for all illnesses or damages that are incorporated under the policy at the network hospitals of the company. Apart from the health protection, on getting an effective health protection plan, you will be likely to obtain tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act- 1961, on the amount paid as premium towards your plan. It is essential to keep in mind that many insurance firms have a waiting period under which no applications will be considered for a particular term.

Here are some types of policies offered by the best health insurance company in India:

Family Floater Health Insurance:- This is specially customized for families under which a set sum insured will be available for all insured family members for one or more cases during the policy tenure. The amount assured is shared among family members listed in the policy.

Individual Health Insurance:- Under an individual health insurance policy, a particular person is covered for the determined sum insured. Family members enrolled under this policy but a separate sum insured has to be taken for each member. The annual premium due is normally directly equal to the sum assured.

Critical Illness Plan:- The insured will be likely to receive a fixed bonus payout in case any critical illnesses defined under the plan. With the lump sum benefit, one will be able to give the hospitalization cost.

Senior Citizen Health Plan:- The policy is created mainly for the old age people, especially the age above 60 years. This plan is great to battle against medical emergencies during old age. Every insurance firm must accommodate people up to the age of 65 years.

Health insurance has grown a highly competitive area and is right now at par with the vehicle and life insurance plans. With people slowly realizing the value of health insurance policies for the modern lifestyle, purchasing medical covers from the best health insurance company in India has been simplified too. Religare is offering many different kinds of health insurance policies in the market today. So, secure your health, future along with tax benefits today.


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