Make Memories And Soak In Nothing But The Best Vibes From Your Trip!

While planning for a holiday vacation in India or the foreign land, buying travel insurance might feel like an unnecessary task. You might think what is the need of spending extra money for disasters that might not even take place. Well, accidents and mishappenings never give a fair warning before they hit you and leave you in a helpless zone. This is why before you pack your bags and get ready for your trip it is crucial you purchase a good insurance policy to protect yourself just in case you encounter emergency situations.

The right travel insurance plan supports medical expenses, flight delays, and cancellations, emergency evacuations, loss and theft of baggage and passport amongst many other benefits. Such situations can be incurred at any moment while you are enjoying your happy trip. The few types of coverage which insurance companies provide you are described below:

  • If you meet with an accident overseas and require emergency medical evacuation through ambulance or a chopper, travel insurance can help you in such situation and save you from spending an enormous sum. This is often an overlooked factor which is very vital while deciding as it will cover all your medical expenditures.


  • Suppose you have to cancel your trip suddenly because a loved-one suffered from an injury or you are down with illness. Perhaps the place you were going to visit has encountered vandalism or natural calamity and is rendered uninhabitable. You can enjoy the benefit of trip cancellation with your policy which will reimburse you your money.


  • A good insurance will cover you in case of theft or loss of your luggage and passport. It will ensure you enjoy your vacation while making arrangements for a temporary passport.


  • It covers you in case your flight is delayed or even cancelled. You will be reimbursed the money up to the amount specified in the policy. With travel insurance, you won’t feel stuck in an airport the next time your flight is delayed or cancelled, and at least you won’t lose all your money.


Bajaj Allianz, Religare Travel Insurance, Bharti AXA, Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard offer some of the best travel insurance in India. Travel insurance is like a mother who will care for you and do everything possible to make things right so that you can enjoy your travel without stressing over petty things. Before buying the right insurance policy, it is crucial that you read all the details and terms and conditions carefully and inquire your selected company with all the questions you might have.


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