Faqs Related To Health Insurance Plans

Family Floater: The most favorable plan to ensure the safety of a family without going for the multiple plans selection is covered under one plan offered by insurance companies called a family floater. The cover associated with the plan is fixed and can be shared with the entire family members. With respect to the alternative choice to go for individual plan costs much than the family floater which proves to be more cost-effective. In a family floater plan – self, spouse, and kids can take advantage of the plan, and most of the insurance companies limit their policies to small family only. For a newly wedded couple, family floater appears the most popular plan.

 Pre-existing disease coverage: As when going to choose the Mediclaim policy, the ailments diagnosed, symptoms related to any ailments, or any prior existing health issues are liable to get fit in this plan. It’s strongly recommended to share all the health details associated with every individual so not to get caught in any trouble after the insurance granted. It will only create a tension between the insurer and the insured, maximum loss always comes in the insured side. It takes about 4 years after the purchase of the insurance to allow coverage for the treatment of pre-existing disease. As of the trend adopted by most of the insurance companies, pre-existing diseases no longer fall into the category of the coverage policy.

 Maternity Mediclaim: An expecting mom who has a health insurance policy running after her name, can expect to link the maternity treatment charges in the coverage, but insurance companies do not allow this coverage to become a burden on the company. The maternity expenses are not qualified under standard insurance plans. But exception rules every era, and the same exceptions come out true but after a long waiting of 2 to 4 years.

In India, the market is always packed with the bunch of insurance providers who boast their products and services of top quality as compared to every other in competition. It’s a known fact not all the plans are good for everyone. So, the checkpoints to take care of during buying a health insurance plan takes the clever selection skills. If one compare health insurance plans online, it yields Religare health insurance company offers a plenty of options to suit their needs. The brand has customer satisfaction value the top priority.


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