Compare Health Insurance Plans Online – Think & Compare To Benefit Yourself With The Best!

Contemporary times call for the best in everything. On that context, while browsing through the best in everything, we should consider the same while going through health insurance plans and companies in India. Compare health insurance plans online before buying, because this not only gives a chance to find the best from the rest but also gives a clearer view of the plan and its company background for the future.

Time and again, we have seen so many insurance companies claiming to be the best, but there are very few companies that truly prove itself. Religare Health Insurance Company truly stands to its name in this regard. To know the accurate best out of the rest, the factors to be considered are as follows-


  1. Settlement of Claim– The claim settlement time and ratio should be balanced. This shows the credibility and efficiency of the company.
  2. Co-payment- This means that a certain amount must be paid by the policyholder and rest by the insurance company. This happens to be a small clause and is mostly ignored by customers which might prove to a disadvantage at a later stage.
  3. Day care procedure- In modern age, one does not need to hospitalize in every step. So opting to day care procedure is the smartest way to get insured.
  4. Hospital Network- One should check for the network of hospitals linked with the insurance company and the proximity of the policyholder’s residence from the same hospitals.
  5. No claim bonus- This bonus is offered when the policyholder never claims any coverage in a policy cycle. In this case, either the premium is decreased or the sum insured is increased and sometimes both.
  6. Free medical checkup- This is quite common among insurance companies. Insurance policy offers free medical checkup without bearing on the premium or renewal of policies.


The market is filled with so many insurance companies hence browsing through some factors and comparing them might come to aid. Therefore, little consideration should be taken into account while we compare health insurance plans online. This will come handy with time.


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