Cashless Mediclaim – Cashless Is The Way To Go!

As they say, trouble never comes knocking on the door. One can never surely know when and where a medical emergency can arise. An unexpected medical emergency can impact and alter one’s life significantly and leave a dent in one’s financial condition in a major way. It is evident that in this digital age and time, people don’t generally carry such a huge amount of money around at all times. Hence, to make one feel prepared for unwanted situations, people opt for cashless mediclaim policies, which can save one from a huge amount of stress and financial hassles. There are various cashless mediclaim policies available in the market and choosing one which will be best suited for one can be a bit overwhelming. Let us explore some things which should be kept in mind while on a quest for the best cashless mediclaim policy to suit your requirement.

  • Cashless vs reimbursement: Cashless mediclaim policy can help one focus on the gravity of the current situation, like treatment of the disease or ensuring that the patient receives the required treatment in time, rather than the trivialities of documentation process. It makes sure that the payment process is streamlined in digitized manner and much more convenient rather than applying for reimbursement after already paying for the bills.


  • Covered hospitals: It is preferred that one does a bit of homework and research about the hospitals which are covered within their policy as cashless facility providers. This way, one will avoid a lot of confusion on the day of the emergency medical situation, as they will already know which the closest hospital one can reach out to is.


  • Flexibility: The flexibility of the mediclaim policy needs to be researched first, as family structures are not static and change over time and it is expected that our mediclaim plans also step up to this. It is one of the important things to consider while investing on a mediclaim, be it cashless or otherwise.

In this age of digitalization, cashless mediclaim is a boon of its time and can save someone from a sticky situation. It saves you from dealing with paperwork when the priority is to get the required medical attention as soon and smoothly as possible. Cashless mediclaim policy can come extremely handy at the time of need, when hard cash might be hard to come by. There are many companies which offer cashless mediclaim facilities. Religare is one of the eminent health insurance company which can help one feel secured financially in their vulnerable moments, in case of any medical emergency. A cashless mediclaim policy with Religare can come handy and empower one to feel secured and enjoy their day-to-day life in peace.


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